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The undeniably powerful force that allows one to change personality, characteristic, and form. -What I have gone through.

I have been traveling from place to place, time to time, and I have been turning into different people, every time I grab a hold of the thing that allows me to do these things -a book.

I have become a victor, a demigod, a wizard, a professor, an ordinary person, a Greek god, a cancer survivor, a mouse, an adventurer, a kid who has an imaginary tiger friend, a being with supernatural powers, and anything imaginable through books.

And through being these characters, I was able to create my own as well.


Through writing, I was...and am able to explore the realm of imagination and the artistry of literature and writing. I am able to gather fragments of my imagination and of my experiences in real life and turn them into unbelievable and unique concepts and stories for additional information and entertainment.


With these fragments, comes the painful process of stitching everything all together until you end up with a piece of wonderful creation worth-reading, worth-knowing, and worth-telling. 


After all, there won't be a full piece, if there are no fragments to make it.

This is the fragment of my journey towards the real meaning of being a novelist.


Now begins filling those holes and making a new story, a full, joined piece.